Duro Vita Feel your very best in our huge selection of women's Shapewear Fajas and Waist Trainers
  • New Double Compression Latex Waist Trainer


    All new Latex Double compression waist trainer with zipper. Our newest addition to our zipper trainer line will keep you feeling tight and snatched. Made with high end latex and heavy duty zipper that wont break on you. Here is where you get what you PAY for. Why are other sites cheaper you may ask? because our trainers are made with the highest quality, luxury materials and will outlast other trainers. We dare you to compare 

    Our trainers are not like the rest. We have specialized in our trainers for years and only manufacture the best quality. No cheap thin material here. 

    Why wear a trainer?

    • Helps to shape, tone and tighten your waist line
    • Burn more calories all day and even more while working out 
    • Increase metabolize
    • Help reduce your appetite
    • Look slimmer instantly