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  • NEW!! Miracle Cleavage Self Adhesive Push-Up Bra with Drawstring

    C$24.99 C$12.99

    Miracle Cleavage Self Adhesive Push-Up Bra with Drawstring

    Seamless instant breast Push Up bra. This Silicone, Invisible, Backless and Strapless - Miracle Cleavage Push Up Bra will stick, tighten and instantly lift your breasts!  
    The Miracle Cleavage Bra is REUSABLE! Be like a celebrity and wear your favorite tops without any sign of bulky bras or padding. 

    To use the Miracle push up bra follow these instructions:  
    1. Remove plastic lining  
    2. Loosen the clip-ons ties individually and slowly  
    3. Situate Miracle Cleavage Bra around your breast  
    4. Pull up the ends of the ties, while pulling off the clip  
    5. Tighten until you reach your desired volume  
    6. Enjoy wearing your favorite top with more seamless volume!  

    Care Instructions: Wash with warm, lukewarm water and a mild soap (baby soap is fine). Wash off body oils off the bra and revive the adhesive!

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