Duro Vita Feel your very best in our huge selection of women's Shapewear Fajas and Waist Trainers
  • Body Sculpt Faja Shaper

    1. Zipper + nine button + internal buckle to prevent bursting.
    2. The waist is fitted with rubber, with super plasticity.
    3. Independent cutting of buttocks, high elasticity and no pressure on buttocks.
    4. The butt fits rubber, butt lifting effect is obvious.
    5. Lace design, sexy and beautiful
    Composition: spandex18% + nylon82% + latex 100%
    Functions: abdomen retraction, buttock lifting, body shaping, no-show
    Thickness: a hit Keel: none Pressure rating: strong shaping
    Application: daily internal wear
    Product list: rubber shaping pants * 1
    Washing and protection instructions: it is recommended to wash and protect the rubber shaping pants regularly. You can add a few drops of weak alkaline washing liquid and soak them in water for about 5 minutes, rub them on the surface for 2-3 minutes, then wash them clean, hang them to dry; do not twist,