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  • DV Clip And Zip Latex Waist Trainer Vest with 3 Row Hooks


    DV Clip And Zip Latex Waist Trainer Vest with 3 Row Hooks

    The ultimate waist training corset Vest– simply the best! Perfect for getting that hour glass look while covering any unwanted back fat. The Workout Waist training Vest is a waist cincher that you wear anytime you’re going to be active or want to just look super slim and hourglass on that day out. Take it to the gym or for a run outside and let it add impact to your healthy lifestyle routine. 

    *Provides strong and slim body and waist 
    *Features Zipper and 3 hook and eyes in front 
    *Material: core:100%latex, lining:100%cotton. 
    *Hand wash, no iron Made of smooth latex fabric, comfortable and durable Corset 

    Size Chart ( Please note Our sizes fit small. If you are in between sizes please size up. Sizes are approximate and can range between body types. We are not responsible for any sizing issues) 
    XS - Weight: 105-115 Weight, Waist: 60-65 cms 
    S- Weight: 116-130, Waist: 65-70 cms 
    M - Weight: 131-150, Waist: 70-75 cms 
    L - Weight: 151-170, Waist: 75-80 cms 
    XL- Weight: 171-190, Waist: 80-85 cms 
    2XL-Weight: 191-210, Waist: 85-90 cms 
    3XL-Weight: 211-230, Waist: 90-95 cms
    4XL - Weight: 231-250, Waist: 95-100 cms
    5XL - Weight: 251-270, Waist: 100-105 cms
    6XL - Weight: 271-290, Waist: 105-110 cms