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BELL FRANZ Gel Moldeante Reafirmante Cellulite reduction

  • Safe,non-toxic, easy to use room-temperature gel with a light fragrance
  • Specially designed for people with high body mass in arms, legs and for tummy tucks
  • Localized cellulite reduction gel for sensitive skin - 500g size

    A Bell Franz product - An industry leader in Lipo-reduction creams and gels

  • Highly localized fat reducer that is most effectively applied with massage therapy
  • Ideal for post-surgery use to remove excess fluids and to restore body tone
  • Use for 2-3 weeks, preferably at night
  • For maximum results, use in conjunction with garments or shapewear
  • Remove with just Soap and water - no heavy lingering odors
  • Active Ingredients: Algin (brown seaweed)