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Our Waist Training Information page will help you learn tips and tricks of how to waist train for the best results. We have also included for our first post a way to understand the difference between an authentic Colombian waist trainer and fake waist trainers that are being sold on sites like Amazon, ebay and Alibaba. We will help you understand how the waist trainers work and the benefits that they will bring to you.  How to waist train for the best results. How to choose the waist trainer brands and differences between them. How to use your waist trainer. We will also be adding photos of before and after customers who have used our trainers, diet and exercise plans to help you get to your goals faster and videos on how to's. 

Let's Begin Today with understanding why you should choose to purchase from us rather than any other site. 

 We Sell ONLY AUTHENTIC Colombian waist trainers!!! Why is this important? 

It's important because Colombian latex is medical grade. The medical grade latex is the highest quality of latex and helps to promote detoxification, Fat Metabolization and Blood Circulation. Colombia has been using latex girdles for over 30 years!!! Doctors would use these garments after surgeries such as liposuction or tummy tucks to make sure the client was getting the best results. The Latex Waist Trainer or in Spanish "Faja" or "Fajas" where used to tighten the operated area and to help reduce swelling. Over time Fajas or Waist Trainers where used post pregnancy to get women's stomachs back to the original size pre-baby. It would help to tighten the stretched out muscles, skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks 

How to Spot an imitation Waist Trainer and why Choose DV Bodies 

As you can see in the image above there are some crucial differences between a real and a fake Latex waist trainer. We use only Medical grade latex, Hypoallergenic cotton lining, and over 1lb of latex for maximum compression and results. The re-enforced clips will withstand pulling and tugging when initially putting on your trainer. Please do not be fooled by prices that seem cheaper, they are cheap for a reason. 

How to Order your Waist trainer and choose the correct size: 

We have already outlined in our sizing chart on how to choose your correct size. However we noticed that many people do not look at the sizing chart and tend to order sizes that are far to small for them. Remember waist trainers are a garment piece so it is very important to make sure you are ordering it correctly. DO NOT ORDER A SIZE SMALLER THAN OUR SIZE CHART SUGGESTS.  Our waist trainers are made very aggressive and thus fit extremely small!! When measuring your waist make sure to measure at the smallest part of your waist close to the belly button. Once you have your waist size measured, grab a scale and weight yourself, combine these with your height and follow the chart. We are always here to help our customers so please do not hesitate to shoot us an email to waistcincher@outlook.com  or you call or text us at 647-213-3150 

TO BE CONTINUED........................

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